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This page is by and for yaoi fans. On this page I want to show our work, created by us, that is, all the yaoi videos that you will see on this website are created by ourselves and we are proud of it.We also want to take the opportunity to ask for your opinion and hope that if you have any suggestions, or improvements or if you want to help us, my email is available to all of you info@yaoitube.net.

We are looking for collaborators to be able to show our yaoi videos to the whole world and that is why, if you like social networks, we are looking for ambassadors to be able to show our content.

I know that many of you like sex between Bakugo and Deku, or sexy femboys doing footjobs… what else can you think of, which is what you really want. We cannot promise to comply with all requests but we will take them into account.

I hope you enjoy this page and that you share it with all those who wish, let's make this website the largest yaoi video page in the world!Our Yaoi Video Categories
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